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Split Analysis

QOC: Balls Bluff Sprints: Heat A1


splitcumulative total
#disttimeplacedeltascorelost*pace  dist  timeplacedeltapace comments
1. 90m 50 2 +13 35% 9:15   90m 50 2 +13 35% 9:15 I took off like a nervous bannana. I expected the control to be in the other direction. I went down the trail to the left a bit to get around some unmapped deadfall then cut in somewhat recklessly. Above the control I could see multiple parallel reentrants below but I managed to pick the correct one.
2. 285m 2:31 2 +42 39% 15 8:49   375m 3:21 2 +55 38% 8:56 The holiday eating and workout from the day before were apparant as my legs felt heavy and dead. I went on the left side a bit then angled across the big reentrant. Stupidly, I crossed the next 2 reentrants not thinking I could have gotten that far already; I reasoned they were unmapped but the 1:7500 scale threw me. I slowed enough to find them on the map then cut up over the saddle. I s-curved down the reentrant to the control.
3. 105m 55 2 +14 34% 8 8:43   480m 4:16 2 +1:09 37% 8:53 I stayed fairly low and stopped at one reentrant junction too soon before going on into the correct one.
4. 428m 3:12 1 -13 -6% 7:28   908m 7:28 2 +56 14% 8:13 I originally intended to climb with the reentrant system on my right, then drop in and the big reentrant junction coming up the valley to the control. As I climbe the first reentrant system, I got a bit left and saw a rootstock which I mistook for the mapped one. The way ahead which would have taken me around to the reentrant junction looked messy. I cut left then saw a bigger rookstock which was the mapped one. I didn't even see the trail as I crossed it. It was covered in leaves. I crossed the first reentrant, cut right a bit then dropped into the next to come up the valley to the control.
5. 229m 1:36 2 +8 9% 6:59   1137m 9:04 2 +1:04 13% 7:58 Straight at it skirting the top of the reentrant to the right. As I descended, I ran slower trying to make sure where the control was first. I wasn't fooled by the control on the stream bend and went straight to the junction--I hadn't read the code to do this but instead relied upon going to the center of the circle--a bad habit.
6. 165m 1:11 2 +4 6% 10 7:10   1302m 10:15 2 +1:08 12% 7:52 I climbed first, then rembering seeing Jeff Coker's finish decided to take a straighter approach. I angled into the reentrant and then up, using the trail there partially. It would have been better to do this by just staying low intially rather than having to cross the reentrant.

* red = reported, gray = calculated

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