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Race Evaluation

DVOA: Hickory Run: Red


1. +05:30headed sw (180 from plan) turned right on road and saw field! back sw and through green, 5 min later (it would have been profitable to do origional plan) I got through it, down road, trail, split swamps, easy
2. +04:30back the way I came, w to road left of small hilltop, hit small pond thinking it was marsh 130m wsw, headed n and didn't look right, back to my marsh thinking I was going w, followed reentrant around and ran by it, stopped, backtracked and saw it
3. +05:15nailed bridge, up and n along spur, stopped where I thought it should be, bailed to trail jct, back in to where I was, did a little loop eventually finding it about 25m n of origional stop
4. +03:20aiming for trail bend (carelessly) hit trail about 150m s, to powerline bend, marsh at stream, depression and in, hesitant at end because I wasn't looking for a spur
5. +09:30big left stream bend, clearing, didn't recognize the hill as I went by, n and s in front of it not making sense of the blue, bailed to powerline, then back to it
6. +01:30se out of control (not ssw as intended), recognized hilltop, down reentrant to it
7. +02:00planned to go to road ene but went into steep area, down to other road and back up, got s and backtracked
F. +00:10finish marked 40m s of building, didn't see it, stopped to check then got out from behind building and saw it

Total Time Lost - 00:31:45

Split Analysis

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