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Race Evaluation

UNO Camping Weekend: World's Hardest Night-O: Blue


1. Started from the finish, ran out to the start, across the field and through the bit of woods to the road. Then took a straight compass shot in, but wasn't quite sure about the top of the spur and decided to run down to the boulder on the end just to be sure about where I was. From there it was an easy attack in.
2. Took a compass shot over the spur, across the little hill, but didn't correct enough from there and hit the stone wall just right of the control. Turned left and saw the control.
3. Due north to the road, then ran it around the corner and then up the spur, over the top of the hill and in.
4. North-northeast to the little hill and over it to the huge boulder. Just a compass shot from there. Could see the control from quite a distance.
5. Northwest to the trail and along it to the intersection with the north line. Messed up my bearing to the swamp though and hit the stream south of it. Wasn't sure which side off the swamp I was on and spent quite a bit of time running down and back up the stream before finding the swamp. From the southern tip of the swamp over the little hill and across the reentrant and in.
6. Down into the reentrant and the tip of the marsh, then up over the little hill and down into the larger reentrant. Up over the next spur, across the little stream and in.
7. Due north to the double boulder clusters on the little hill, then northeast to the big boulder on the line, then north to the boulder on the little hill and up along the next little hill and in.
8. Basically northwest to the swamp, but not exactly sure how I got there. Went around the left side of the swamp falling in a couple times. Then around the top trying to find the lake. Got a little turned around a couple times before finding it and then hitting the boulder just north of the western end of the lake. From there down into the shallow reentrant and up the hill to the boulder next to the trail. From there straight into the boulder in the middle of the springs, but didn't see the springs. Wasn't quite sure so went out to the hill just north that boulder to verify, then attacked in from there.
9. Due north to the big boulder, then a bearing down the hill across the shallow reentrant to the double boulders then to the line of big boulders north-northwest of there, up the hill to the next big boulder and along the two smaller boulders just past there. Hit the tiny reentrant just before the three big boulders, went between the two left-most ones and to the two big ones on the little hill. Then due north to the hill, over it and into the control.
10. Down to the little pond, and up over the little hill next to it. Down the other side looking for the big boulders, but couldn't really distinguish them amidst the many. Decided to push on anyway crossing a bit of a void until I hit the next big cluster of boulders on a spur. Ran north from there to the shallow reentrant and the little pond. Wasn't 100% sure of where I was so I decided to run out to the hill west of the little pond that is northwest of Incredible Pond. Hit that right on and crossed the stream between the two big boulders. Contoured to the stone wall and ran up it to the big boulder. Then cut across to the round hill. Ran around it on the right across the top of the swamp next to the big boulder and up the reentrant next to the long hill with the cliffs. Cut off the last cliff across the hillside and into the control.
11. Straight out to the swamp and around the top to the trail. Ran the trail all the way around to the swamp north of the northern tip of the lake, then cut down across the swamp and up and over the hill. Ended up hitting the northern lake instead of the gap between the two and took a minute or two to figure out where I was. From there down across the stream between the lakes, across the stone wall, up the shallow reentrant next to the boulder cluster, then over the form line hill east of the reentrant and around the top of the little swamp and pond. Up next to the spur with the dot knoll and the boulder on top of the little form line hill into the shallow reentrant and around the end of the long hill and down into the control.
12. Ran back up the hill and took a bearing to the boulder cluster and pond along the line. From there to the two little ponds just north of the line and ran between them. Drifted north out of those ponds and hit the long swamp north of where I though I was. I thought I had hit the green swamp, but I was actually at the one above it. I ran around the top and up the hill on the other side. The hill felt a bit steep but not enough to make me worry. From there I kept making things make sense for a little while until I realized that I wasn't right. I decided to bail out to the trail south of the control and relocated from there and attacked in.
F. Trail run in.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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