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Race Evaluation

UNO Camping Weekend: World's Hardest Night-O: Blue


2. +00:33over ran it to the left and hit other rock feature
3. road and then up hill to see lights streaming across hill
4. ran through swamp, calling back to jennifer who I was hopint go keep with me for the duration, but she is injured and it is dark and difficult running.
5. +00:22 waiting for jennifer to give her her punch card. slightly left, pavlina there to find it first
6. find before pavlina, ernst just behind
7. straight and fast
8. ross passes me, never to be seen again
9. +02:00slow, left of line to swamp, up hill, past big rocks, catch ernst and pavlina
10. pushed it to get away from ernst and pavlina, it worked, but they caught
11. +03:00me when I could not find the beaver dam to cross. lost time towards cp when I thought i was aiming at a stone wall. it was the north line with a couple of boulders lined up underneath. doh!
12. straight to swamp and up hill
F. +00:55too far left, missed the small trail.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:50

Split Analysis

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