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Race Evaluation

UNO Camping Weekend: Red Day 2


1. Lazy route: took the road around and attacked from due south of the control. Straight, using camp trails, a bit faster?
2. +04:00Angled to the road and attacked from just past the cliff. Didn't execute well and found myself at the stream left of and past the control. Then, stupidly, I thought I was looking for a boulder so I went by the control checking out the boulders, relocated on the other side, and came back and found it.
3. Straight. Easy, since the knoll is the highest point in the area.
4. +00:30A bit circuitous getting to the trail, taking the bike path when it was going north, and going around vegetation. Mistake was thinking I crossed the stream south of the fork, when I was north. So I hit the trail north of where I thought, started climbing the hillside only to see it drop back down to a stream. Figured it out pretty quick. Attacked from the small cliff in the reentrant before the stone wall, and spiked it from there.
5. +01:30A bit left of line, then followed the stone wall past the trail to the little pond, and straight from there. But, in spite of a good attack point (boulder) 70 m. from control, I veered left and first checked out the boulders 50 m north of control.
6. +00:30Includes 30 seconds drinking water. Plan was to go right of the marsh and use the high point along the stone wall as attack point. But I hit the middle of the marsh and at first, I thought I could cross. Went in a bit, thought better of it, back out, and executed plan properly.
7. +00:30Second time not reading clue cost me time. I navigated fine to the the big boulders, but didn't know to look between them. Wasted 30 seconds checking map before looking in the right place.
8. Easy, but very slow going on south side of the pond.
9. Didn't trust the broken beaver dam, so went around to the right, coming in between the knolls, skirting the right side of the marsh, and right to it.
10. Pretty straight, staying high after the stone wall. Spiked it.
11. Pretty straight, hitting the big cliff in the reentrant, climbed up, and read the little ponds and the boulders right to it.
F. Road back again. Brainless and easy.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:00

Split Analysis

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