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Race Evaluation

Stirrup Glen Colour Coded: Brown


1. Not the quickest with map copying as there was a lot of detail in the quarry. No mistakes. Direct line to control.
2. Up the shallow reentrant and over the saddle.
3. Bad distance judgement
Across the open to the path, cut corner to other path, but left it too early when attacking the control. Had to come down ridge again slightly.
4. +00:10Aimed off to left of control and followed ride into control. Further left than expected though.
5. Tired
Along the main ride. Slow as legs were tired from previous day.
6. Bad map reading
Did not read control description
U-turn and cut corner past root stocks and down path. Overshot on the path though and came back to the control from the path junction.
7. Did not like map
Cut the corner through light green, which was actually slower. Than down ride and cut next corner directly into control.
8. Bad compass work
Onto path near 24, but came out too high. Down path / ditch from there.
9. Straight.
10. Slightly right of straight.
11. Bad map reading
Did not read control description
Biggest mistake of day. Ended up too close to ruin coming over hill, than didn't read description. Though I was looking for tree, not ditch, so assummed for 10s that control was misplaced.
12. Left to path to get around quarry cliff then straight.
13. Along cliff base and up cliff corner onto upper plateau.
14. Along path and down clearing into control.
15. U-turn back out to path and around quarry on left to get to next control.
16. Left around the cliff walls and jumped down to control from above.
17. Stayed high originally, then drifted down in re-entrant to lower path and straight into control.
18. +00:10Through green to clearing near 14, but ended up above embankment. Then straight to control through green.
19. Straight as possible.
20. Right around quarry cliffs then jumped down a cliff to get to re-entrant behind the hill.
21. U-turn and straight past ruin. Dropped two terraces then contoured around quarry to control.
22. Straight (but slow).
23. Did not plan ahead
Left of first green area then right along path and ride into control.
24. Straight line, cutting finer corner than did on 7 - 8.
25. Tired
Slowly dropped and contoured to corner, than across dam wall and down clearing to control.
26. Tired
Across field and through gate. Cut corner to depression. Slow.
F. Tired
Very slow jog into the finish. Was blown over last 2.5 legs.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:05

Split Analysis

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