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Race Evaluation

WPOC Boyce Park: Wm. Boyce Park Green


1. Bad route choice
Did not plan ahead
Underrated difficulty
If I had only taken the course setters notes more seriously. dense undergrowth may make longer route the better choice. what looked like forest on the map was thorny forest on the ground.
2. Bad route choice
Took a chance
wanted to make up lost time. tried to find deer path. no go.
3. good route choice
4. good route choice
5. sticking to the trails. good route choice
6. +02:00wrong turn. ended up too far into the woods. ouch.
7. Tired
long round about to control. but I'm sure it hurt a lot less than the shorter path.
8. Tired
good route choice. asmatic, difficult
9. Tired
there was no other choice, had to go into the forest and cross the very soft mud streams. slow going. hit control.
10. Tired
decided on long route choice. other racers took the forest route. had enough accupuncture today, thank you.
11. Tired
not too much to think about.
12. not much choice
13. sticking to the longer path.
14. longer path is better than what I may have ran into.
15. Bad route choice
Bad map reading
Disturbed by others
missed a turn, made great recovery crossing woods. less thorns.
F. Took a chance
Disturbed by others
did not read map well. had gotten used to taking longer route that I missed the opportunity to save time.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:00

Split Analysis

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