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Race Evaluation

2006 Sprint Series Finals Festival: Night O' Intermediate


1. Lacked confidence
Strictly trail running. Took some extra seconds at the start triangle to get a good read of the map and plan my route to #1. Just being cautious.
2. Unused to map
Had some problems lining up the map after punching #1, so took a while to get myself oriented again. Once I'm on the map, took the road past #8 before turning onto the trail that leads to the field.
3. Lacked confidence
Didn't trust my ability to go straight through the forest. So I ran E along the field's edge to the corner before cutting thru to the nearest cabin. Once there, I quickly relocated and ran the trails to #3.
4. Ran the path through tennis court, then took N track past dining hall before cutting up small path E to another road. Ran over to the big empty barn/shed building and took bearing to control. Those light reflectors at the flag are great, as I was able to spot it from the edge of the forest!
5. Again didn't trust my direct bearing thru the woods in the dark, so aimed off to the left and pop out onto the trail bend just W of control. Then went along N edge of stream and around some dead falls to flag hidden at base of root stock.
6. Back out to trail and hopped over to main road heading SW. Cut NW onto field and down trail to knoll.
7. Dog-leg back thru field to road junction. Took the left (E) one up hill, right fork, then onto trail just W of red line heading S. Came out at trail/marsh/stream junction, headed ESE along trail until I spoted the cabin at 7.
8. Bad route choice
Getting more comfortable with the map and the surrounding now, so I planned a somewhat straight route along the stream. However, 10m or so into my route, I got tangled up in some thorny stuff. I looked at the map again and decided to take the easier but round-about route on the trail/road to 8
9. Went the slightly left route along the road/trail.
10. Bad route choice
Did not follow plan
Originally wanted to take trail just right of straight line, but couldn't see it for some reason. So I ran the path to tennis court again, only I didn't go thru the court this time. I went off trail between court and building NW of court, then ran straight to the control.
11. Straight
F. Straight

Total Time Lost - 00:00:40

Split Analysis

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