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Race Evaluation

NEOC Estabrook Woods: Red


1. +00:30Ran along the road, passed the stone wall planning to run S up the trail E of the control. Then turned in early to cut the corner, and ended up just running towards the stone wall. The woods were totally runnable - I should have just run along the stone wall to begin with.
2. Not much to say. The thin trail marking on the map is a really bad way of representing the feature. The features corresponding to the long thin dashes are actually wide, old trails that are slightly overgrown, but totally obvious and runnable.
3. +00:15Went straight, to the depression that is cross-shaped on the map. I couldn't make out a cross-shape in the terrain, plus there were a bunch of other depression-like things around, but not on the map. Seems like an ideal place to make use of the 2.5m contour interval, but for whatever reason, that wasn't done. Anyway, just kept my line and headed into the control without any problems.
4. +00:45So, I failed to read the course notes that the trails are wrong. I'm not really sure why they even bothered putting them on the map. They're just blatantly wrong. I mean, the trails on the map are generally there, but not in correct relation to a lot of other things, and, well, they're just wrong. So that was a bit confusing, and then the vegetation didn't match the map either, and there were a lot of mappable rocks which were unmapped, etc, etc, plus the 2.5m contour interval results in some really vague stuff getting mapped. Very hesitant leg.
5. +00:20Once again, really obvious rocks in the terrain aren't anywhere on the map. Also the rock size classifications are pretty inconsistent. Lost some time checking out some rocks that didn't seem right but were pretty big.
6. Not much to say.
7. +00:15Didn't notice the large boulder that was on the line, but I just plodded ahead. Tripped and banged my thigh on a rock.
8. +01:30Ok, the course notes apparently also mentioned something about marshes. I didn't bother to read them afterwards, either. But in any case, after I decided to not bother with the trails since there were some serious anomalies going on, I followed the stone wall to ... a large flat expanse of green with a stream going into it and coming out of it but mysteriously no water actually in it. Or at least, that was what I saw on my map. But naturally, what was actually there was a huge marsh (which, if I recall correctly was actually quite open - more of a yellow marsh than a green one, but anyway). So that threw me off pretty well, but I eventually noticed the water discrepancy and proceeded with confidence.
9. Trail.
10. +01:00Decided to go N around the marsh instead of going S to the trail and getting confused by it, which worked pretty well. Unfortunately I failed to notice the first wall on the map, and was quite surprised to run into the wall so early. Ran back along the wall for a bit before I finally noticed it on the map.
11. +01:00Where was the rough open?!?! I did go through some green stuff, but no rough open.
13. Took trails to the EW wall and went along that wall until I saw the control. Kind of tired by this point.
14. +00:15Misplaced control. Correct feature, but wrong part of feature. Still tired.
15. +00:10Too much hesitation near the control.
F. Again, trails weird, but I was used to that by this point. Generally I didn't adjust to the map as well as I should have. It was basically a base map, and I should have just ignored everything except contours and stone walls. Would have saved a lot of time that way.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:00

Split Analysis

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