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Race Evaluation

CNYO A meet: Classic - Green


2. Caught up to Don Davis
3. Went a little high and left to make sure I was on ridge. Probably unnecessary
4. +06:00Tried to follow hill system, but got off to the right and then found trail jct S of control. Took a bit to make sure I was really there, then got confused near control and went by it and up on top of long ridge NE of control. What a mess.
5. +01:30Pretty flummoxed after last one and read compass before it settled and headed E instead of W for about 100 M before correcting and heading back. After that OK, except went to the Blue control on the thicket NE of control first.
6. R of yellow and went further E than I meant to, coming out between the little ponds and getting all wet, then along the trail and in.
7. Up to SE corner of field and straight through field.
8. Left of pond on trails, donw into gravel pit and right to it.
9. +01:00Looked at taking the trail around on the E, which would have been a fine route, but decided I could just go through the field. Not too bad, but really tiring, and cut out of it too soon and went across to other field to the E, so had to cross another weird green patch and over the hill. Then couldn't make out the flattish spur, until I just ran to the flag.
10. Pretty much straight. got a little left at first, then went along R side of big hill and in.
11. SE to trail then followed trails to nearest point and across. Saw rootstock just across stream then got hung up on fence and George caught up again. Saw Don D leaving control up ahead of me.
12. Up to the trail and counted reentrants, up across last spur and in.
13. +01:00Along side of fence and caught up to Peter Goodwin and Don D at edge of marsh. Don said it was too deep and went around. Peter and I w ent straight and were in up to our chests and real muddy. Didn't see the right reentrant when I got across and drifted right, Met up with Don again and corrected, landing behind Peter and George at the flag.
14. Fumbled a bit when I got to the road, but got there ok. Catching up to George again, who went a little more directly.
F. Passed George right after control and ran hard up the hill.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:30

Split Analysis

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