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Race Evaluation

CNYO A meet: Sprint - Old Eyes


1. +00:20Got past the white control ok, but then got sucked into the blue control far enough to read the code, thinking it was pretty far away from the thicket. Then corrected to the right control and punched, but realized after a few steps away that I hadn't heard it beep, so went back and dipped again and held it.
2. +01:00Planned to go left but halfway there decided right looked better, but then I had to go all the way around the spillway. What a dope! Fumbled around in the goldenrod for a while before finding the bag, and Glen beat me in there (starting a minute behind me.)
3. Behind Glen - a little left, but corrected when I saw the edge of the green.
4. Saw Glen heading more W, and didn't see him again for a while. Apparently he was right behind, though.
5. On trail to the right
6. On trail
7. On trail
8. Across yellow on elephant track to corner, then followed trail a bit too far and had to head back up. Glen caught up here.
9. Straight
10. +00:40Thought I was going to #12 for some reasona and headed SW for a bit, before checking the map again and realizing I hadn't yet been to 10 and 11. Headed back and saw Glen up ahead, but too far to catch.
11. Trail
12. Lower trail

Total Time Lost - 00:02:00

Split Analysis

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