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Race Evaluation

CNYO A meet: Middle - Green


1. +00:30Ran through parking lot, which meant I had to fight through green. Trail would have been much faster and more secure
2. Straight downhill to yellow field and past sprint control. In from N pt of field.
3. Straight.
4. Straight, passing Bob Turbyfill in the woods, then coming out to trail corner and along trail until woods started and in.
5. Walked uphill.
6. Straight, picking up a trail segment for a while and passing Valeriy Doberov. Up bank just L of reentrant and up to the rootstocks.
7. Very slow picking my way through the slash. Goning around on trail would have been much better. Spiked the control, but took forever because of footing.
8. Roughly along the line down to between the streams and along trail for a bit, picking up the trail across and following it up to the trail bend SW of control.
9. S to trail and angled in.
10. +01:30Straight across, but couldn't find control when I got there. Went back out to trail and verified trail bend and then jct to the NW, then back in and found it. Right where I was. Darn.
11. Following Jim Waite, and then catching up to Pete Bundshuh.
12. Following those guys. Got off to the right, and almost sucked off by another control.
13. Straight to parking lot. Maybe not best. Trail would have been fine, but not much difference.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:00

Split Analysis

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