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Race Evaluation

CNYO A meet: Classic - Green


1. +00:20Very careful trying to get into map - took trail across stream and around hill. Up R side of second stream, across and saw bag.
2. +00:30To trail, caught Ron Bortz studying map. Crossed under dam by small pond and started to head straight. Couldn't make out swamps so went S to go around S side of marshes and in. Should have kept going straight.
3. Up hillside between reentrants to trail, over E end of hill to see Pete B approaching bag.
4. Bearing along various depressions, through some thicker saplings, up hill to long narrow hill and in.
5. Along fence with Ron B again, exchanging leads several times on trail at end of fence. Up to bend in trail and start of hill on R, green on L. Back to more open on W as Ron kept going. Thru green, along contour and in.
6. Along field veg bdy to trail, R to trail, L on trail to bend then straight across open, see Charlie start to climb. Up hill to bag as Brad comes in.
7. +00:20To SE corner of field trying to see any broken trail thru. Start along edge as Brad enters it and heads across. Follow along to bag having lost a bit of time on the hesitation.
8. Trail thru field to corner going R around pond reading small trails to overlook and see Charlie head to bag.
9. +00:30Head to trail but get hung up on fence and small tree. Some nice lady freed my foot and off to trail, R along until find opening and across field seeing Charlie in distance. Hit E trail and follow to corner, find track along edge of field to corner of field and track thru green, across marsh just behind Bob Bullions. Down spur to bag, punching just as Charlie arrives.
10. +00:20Along beside long hill but must have crossed over with Charlie as we suddenly are looking straight at a field. Oops - compass off, drifted L. Correct and run along S side of hill to bag just behind Charlie.
11. Follow Charlie to trail and just behind him around on trails to just over spur and before trickle. Bearing towards bag, cross stream and head for marsh when Charlie cried out - he's hung up on barb wire and head to help but he's able to get free and we head for bag.
12. +00:30Up to trail and run into cadet saying help - been out here for hours, can you help. Point out his location and trail back to start and then off. Checked off reentrants and up.
13. Along fence catching up to Sue H-T (?), after a bit got to a wider part and passed. Came to open water at end of fence. Hear cries of woe to R so figure no better there. Splash into good foot sucking mud, hitting some firm bits, and able to get across without much problem. Hear Cristina behind worrying about the bad route choice. Cross and up carefully passing Peter Goodwin and see Charlie head to R. Hit bag.
14. To road, pick up trails and run thru woods to bag.
F. Climb and Charlie roars by as if I'm standing still. Finish must be close.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:30

Split Analysis

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