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Race Evaluation

QOC Pohick Bay: Green


1. +01:000-1 Having just finished the Blue course, I race on to the bathroom, before setting out again. The Green course is the second course for me this day so I run unofficial. I'm doing it as training for the Hudson Highlander in two weeks. Peggy has already left, also doing Green as her second course for today. I head out on the trail, as I did Blue earlier, but much more tired. I've been to this control earlier today but came at it from another approach. I take the detour around the tree, then continue on the trail. Not wanting to drop down on the trail all the way into the big reentrant near the river, I run rough into the reentrant from a high point on the trail and go past the correct smaller reentrant before crossing the stream. Not realizing I've past the correct reentrant I head up the one immediately west of it. It's steeper but I'm not sure I'm in the wrong place until I reach the top. I correct quickly climbing up and east, then dropping down to the control.
2. +01:001-2 This leg is the same as a leg on the Blue Course. Avoiding the climb, I go around the reentrants and attack from the field. Again, I'm drawn to the right crossing the first reentrant. I've forgotten where the control was when I did it on the Blue Course, so again, I make the same error, by looking too low. Reading the map again, I correct quickly.
3. 2-3 This leg is the same as a leg on the Blue Course. Earlier I made a silly mistake at the campground registration area. I don't repeat it. Last time I cut in off the road near the rise. This time I go a little past this point before attacking. I go a little too far but it's easy to see the control.
4. 3-4 Leaving the control, I see an asian competitor ahead on the road. At the intersection, he goes across like I did when I did this leg on Blue. This time, I decide to use the bend in the campground road to attack from. I do slowly and carefully because of the mountain laurel which threw me off earlier. The reentrant east of the control appears to come out further than is drawn on the map. I ignore it and continue to the control. As I drink the asian competitor gets there.
5. 4-5 The asian runner is behind me reading as I head down the reentrant to the larger valley. I'm not sure if he's running Green or not. Later he tells me he ran a different course and thought I was going the wrong direction. Climbing, I rough compass, climbing higher than a straight bearing, then following the edge of the reentrant to the control.
6. 5-6 Climbing to the plateau, I hit the road, then leave it quickly at the bend. I was in this area during the Summer Short Series and want to avoid the wood pilings, but they are on my bearing so I hop across them. Dropping down, I don't see the earth bank which should be on my left. I don't see the control right away but it does turn out to be in the reentrant that I hit first.
7. +13:006-7 Straight looks good to me but I'm not confident of crossing the green and the steep down hills. Instead, I float across to the trail, run down it smoothly, passing some fishermen. I cut-off the point, then continue on the trail, checking off the trail intersection to the left. It seems longer than it should be, getting to the next intersection. It's easily identiable where the trail starts to climb so I keep running good. I leave before the intersection which I can see ahead, not taking a bearing but planning on reading the edge of the hillside. I end-up going into the stream which I'm pretty sure is wrong. I expected to see the control but since I haven't already, I go on. Far enough, I climb out of the stream valley to the south and come back. Rounding the corner, I still don't see it. I must have been almost on top of it. I know I've been here before and didn't have much trouble the first time on the Blue course, coming from a different direction. I run the hillside further but when I near the trail half way back to #6, I turn around and go back to the trail intersection along the river. On bearing, I miss the control again, again making a similar loop before coming back to the same intersection near the river. I'm thinking that since I started out so late that someone has already collected the control and maybe I should give-up. I try again. This time walking most of the way, I climb the fallen tree mess just to stay on track and miraculously there's the control, practically on the ground in the ditch.
8. 7-8 Catching Peggy looks out of the question now. #8 is supposed to be a reentrant but one is hardly visible on the map. I decide to go to the parallel road intersection using the intermitant trail, then drop down into the stream valley on a reentrant and up the other side to the control. This gives me more climb than necessary but I don't notice. The plan works. The reentrant the control is on is much larger than it seems to be drawn on the map.
9. 8-9 This long leg has a lot of climb so I decide to take the long way around. Heading almost due south at first, I hit the trail and turn left. Crossing the power lines, I follow more trails, coming-out on the paved park road near the entrance gate. Going down the gravel campground road, I head to the field, used in the Summer Short Series, but also one I remember from about 23 years ago when I camped here and setup my own cross country running camp with friends. Leaving the field, I know that I've been to the control before, by mistake on the Blue course. I find it easily.
10. +01:159-10 When I did a similar leg on Blue earlier, I tracked too low. This time, I set a good bearing. As I climb and hit the green I need to pick-up my knees. However, I start to cramp so I walk it off for a while. On the downhill, I loosen-up. My bearing proves to be too far right as I near the parking lot. Reversing direction, I soon see the control and run to it.
11. 10-11 This leg is easy even for me. I've been to it earlier on the Blue course and had seen it from the parking lot, so I waste no time.
F. 11-F Before I'm out of the field and to the parking lot I hear some cheers from the finish area. How can they see me from there? Not running as fast as I did finishing the Blue course, I'm glad to have finished this training run.

Total Time Lost - 00:16:15

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