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Race Evaluation

SLOC West Tyson: Advanced


1. Trail to right, then contoured over using the rockface.
2. +00:30Went too low - almost hit the stream to the left before realizing I was off.
3. +00:15Grunt over the ridge. Hit the saddle and then angled down. Tentative into the control.
4. Took the "highway" (the wide contour).
5. Took the highway and then down along the fence. Left at lower ruin. A bit slow getting through some unmapped thick stuff right at the edge of the tracks.
6. Aimed slightly right and then used the trail into the control.
7. Hit the big knoll just left of the line and attacked from the northern right spur.
8. Back across the knoll. Easy leg since I was retracing steps.
9. +00:30Drifted slightly left and overran it. Corrected quickly.
10. Aimed right then followed the W side of stream.
11. +00:15Out to trail and then through the field. Straight would have been faster.
12. Grunt from left edge of bottom cliff, crossing the top cliff by the big boulder. Contoured over.
13. Slightly left through the big reentrant to save climb.Over the spur to the trail to the saddle. Contoured to location quickly, but control was misplaced. Spent about 3 minutes hunting around.
14. +00:15Back to the trail then attacking from the saddle. Missed slightly right, but spotted it before going too low.
15. Back to trail, then SW from the trail bend to the powerline and up to the control from just before where the cut ended. Not sure why this leg is slow - it seemed OK when I was running it. Maybe more tired than I realized.
F. Straight in.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:45

Split Analysis

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