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Race Evaluation

2006 North American Championships (Golden Leaf Ori: Long Course 6


1. Straight across the marsh, up the hill to the trail past the cliff and right in.
2. +02:00Somehow drifted right and hit the trail. Recovered from there but lost a couple of minutes.
3. North of the uncrossable marsh then pretty much on a straight line (through the rock, slash and the not so dry marsh) and hit the large green blob just to the west of the control. Noticed a tree well over 0.3m diameter which had been downed by beavers - persistent little guys!
4. Straight-ish.
5. Took small trails to the left and used the proiminent limestone chunk before the control to lead me in. Passed by Alar but nearly caught him at the control as he spent some extra time in the rocks.
6. All of a sudden everything was downs instead of ups. Neat area. Read the details into the control pretty well.
7. +04:00Drifted left and didn't hit the trail as soon as I should have. Then missed the pit after attacking from the veg boundary. Circled around and found a piece of wall which pointed me toward the control (as well as other people punching at it).
8. +05:00A braindead leg. Though I had taken off the eastern corned of the yellow area but apparently went off the corner near the stone pile. Drawn off by people headed toward #9 and eventually relocated at #9. Unfortunately the running from 9 to 8 to 9 wasn't particularly fast.
9. Well, I had already been there once.
10. +01:00Took the major trail right to the north of the green marsh. Was going to cut across to the yellow area using the tiny trail near the dark green blobs, but the marsh looked pretty gnarly so I continued to the next small trail which runs alongside the (not so open) yellow. Main trail from there to the two boulders. Got into the tip of the marsh but got out again as quickly as I could (probably lost a minute). Hit the small trails and worked my way to the junction SE of the control.
11. Careful on the trails to keep track of where I was since I had messed up in here the day before.
12. Major trail then keep heading north.
F. Kick it in for the spectators.

Total Time Lost - 00:12:00

Split Analysis

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