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Race Evaluation

2006 North American Championships (Golden Leaf Ori: Long Course 6


1. +00:30Straight through the marsh, but this one was a bit slower and wetter than the ones yesterday. Missed a bit left, but corrected well.
2. +00:30A lot of hesitation trying to keep map contact. Then missed a bit to the right.
3. +01:00Got wet very wet three times. Went below the big cliff (pretty thick), then left to where the map looks pretty dry, but it wasn't (recent beaver activity/). Then across the trail to where the marsh wasn't green, but it was very wet, wading up to my crotch. Then I drifted left and bounced off the trail and had one more wet crossing. At least no problem finding the control! Better route was to take the trail around.
4. Went a bit left, below the cliff along the marsh. Made for an easy attack, but slow going.
5. South southeast to the trail. Read the map well coming in and spiked it.
6. +02:30Misread the cliffs and started looking for it too soon. Had trouble seeing what was a depression on the map.
7. +00:30Went by the pit to the stone wall, then back right to it. Had to be pretty close to see it!
8. +02:00Along the edge of the open area, but then somehow drifted way left to the cliff 90 meters north of the control. Knew immediately where I was, but hesitated before the control because the map didn't make much sense. (I went through a grassy open area!).
9. Straight, back the way I came.
10. +02:00Didn't want to risk the dark green swamp (which apparently wasn't dark green or a swamp), so I took the trail around, planning to leave it at the bend and go throught the rough open area (which apparently was greener than mapped). But when I tried to cross the stream, the mud sucked me in, and I started cramping trying to extricate myself. So I gave up on crossing and went around on the trails. After crossing the marsh, I took the trail for a bit, then along the cliff to the little deadend trail, then around to the right, coming in on the trail that passed right by the knoll.
11. Trails to the right.
12. +02:30Just lost it. Bashed due north to the trail, then headed west but somehow took the trail going southwest and landed at a junction in a clearing. Stood there like an idiot for what seemed like an eternity until I saw where i was on the map, and proceeded on.

Total Time Lost - 00:11:30

Split Analysis

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