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Race Evaluation

2006 North American Championships (Golden Leaf Ori: Long Course 6


1. +01:00I decided not to test the marsh so I cut left before the green. I think I got carried away perhaps going far enough to almost run off the map. I cut back and crossed a cliff into a clearing and knew where I was. I went straight to it after that.
2. As I set a bearing, I noticed an army guy ahead going my direction. I caught him quickly and went straight over the ridge to spike it.
3. +03:00I initially started to go left. Just then, Greg Balter and another Blue runner went right along the marsh into the more open woods. I knew they were on another course but reasoned that they'd be going in the same general direction and that I might not get caught-up in the rocky terrain by taking the longer way around. I got to the trail, cut left and crossed the dam. My look at the very wet marsh on the right made me decide not to cut in right away. I cut in soon after and angled up but there was still alot of wet marsh in the way. I took the plunge running through the knee deep stuff. Just at the deepest part, I tripped on a log putting my map completely under the water and getting wet up to my chest. All cooled off, I made it across more slowly then kept going. I didn't see the second marsh ahead. I started having thoughts that the first marsh was wider than expected and that I might have already crossed the second marsh. I cut left and popped out at the trail but didn't know where I was on it. I almost took off to the right but decided that I better look behind me. A few steps revealed that I was on the curve between the marshes. I jumped right back into the woods and went straight to it after that.
4. I ran straight. As I crossed the first marshy area, I knew I had drifted left a bit. I corrected, crossed the trail and kept straight. I got there just before someone else coming from the other way.
5. I went to the curvy trail to the right. It was the wrong choice. Though I'd seen part of how it could be executed, I didn't take long enough to work out the route to the left. Once on the windy trail, it seemed to take forever getting to the intersection. I paused to make sure. Through the next intersection and finally across the marsh, I kept on the trail to the point where it reached apogee, then plunged in going straight over the odd round area of limestone pavement which was surrounded by cliffs. I hit it perfectly but could have saved time going on the left trails initially.
6. A woman and some others were there drinking. I gulped, then took off with the woman chasing behind. With the footing and reading the way, it was hard to open any distance between us. I heard then saw cars and realized I was getting too close to the road. I cut right, saw the dry pond and went on to spike it.
7. +00:45With the woman still chasing behind, I took the shortest way to the trail, and hardly interrupted some picnicers eating on a bench. I cut left to go around. After rounding the last bend, I saw JJ on the trail ahead of me. I thought he might be having a bad race since I knew he started 10 minutes ahead of me. He cut in at the vegetation boundary which was a little earlier than I would have but it seemed to make sense. I tried to set a bearing and JJ got ahead a bit. I thought this odd because if I was catching him quickly on the trail, I figured that I would be able to keep pace in the woods. He seemed to be going a bit right of where I thought the control to be but I chased anyway. When he kept going, I figured he was make a mistake. He was actually making the move that would win him 3rd place ahead of me. I learned later than he was taking the short way on the long leg to #10. I cut left and hit the rock wall. I went right along it at first but saw a couple coming back the other way. Reaching a spot where the trail cut through, I realized that I had gone too far. I reversed direction, cut through the gap in the wall and found the depression where the other couple was still figuring out their next leg.
8. +00:45I went straight. I should have used the field but instead ran along it in the forest. I had drifted left a bit so I made sure to go to the corner of the field before going further. Making a longish attack from there, things didn't seem right. I stopped at the correct distance by noting the reentrant. Some people were on the other side. I looked left and saw the green pond so I went around it right to the hidden control in the crack.
9. I ran along the reentrant at first and was able to read the ridge with the rocky ground ahead. I chose to go around through the white woods on the left side and spiked the control.
10. +01:15I drank, then took off straight. Some others had gotten there behind me and we all soon let out a gasp at the long leg ahead. I thought one was Clem but later realized it wasn't. I followed him going straight through the woods instead of both taking the trail a bit to the right and instead of reading the long route longer to look for a better way. The experience at the marsh on the way to #3 weighed in my mind. The green marsh on the map looked worse so I chose to go around on the curvey trails to the right. JJ later told me that his way across the green marsh on the map past #7 was an easy crossing. Once on the trails, I passed the guy that I thought was Clem. Looking ahead, I realized that after this leg there wasn't much else left. I ate a Gu on the run. I did not cut the corner at the left turn intersection to save the hill because I was looking ahead at the time. I read the trail more carefully, then cut right on a small spur trail. The marsh crossing was easy but it was a little green in the scattered trees on the others side. I eventually crossed the scattered tree area optimally to reach a trail and kept going. The big curvey trail was just plain running. Had I been training, I'd have liked this more because I expect that I might have been able to put more distance on people. I eventually left the trail, not crossing the bad part of the next marsh and going out of the way to get to the white woods. I got confused crossing the light marshy ahead which was dry. Going uphill, I was tired and walked a bit to read the map--another sign of being out-of-shape and not a good indicator for the upcoming Highlander. It took a while to reach the trail. This should have clued me in that I had drifted too far left. When I finally reached the trail, I cut left as was my plan but I was already past the intersection which I wanted. I cut right at the next intersection and knew where I was. I went on to spike it from there. Time lost is only for the error at the end but JJ's route probably would have save a bunch of time.
11. +00:30I cut right at the first trail and left at the next to get on a bigger one. I leap frogged with another guy as we both stopped to check turns. At the end, I attacked to the wrong side of the trail because I hadn't seen one intersection. I corrected soon after and got there just behind the guy that I had leap frogged with.
12. At the first intersection or two I needed to stop to read. I reasoned that if I went a more direct route, I'd have to stop a lot at all the intersections. I went around the worst of it by hitting the big trail which I'd finished on the previous day. I ran fairly fast and straight to the control but going straighter might have saved me time.
F. +00:01I ran pretty hard. It felt good and I even thought about missing the track training which I hadn't done all summer. I fumbled the punch at the end.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:16

Split Analysis

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