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Race Evaluation

2006 North American Championships (Golden Leaf Ori: 7b


1. +02:45Tried to run off the edge of the marsh, but must have missed way right, circled a bit before doing the smart thing and returning to the marsh for an easy approach.
2. Sometimes bearing and pace count gets you right there...
3. +06:30...and sometimes it doesn't. Still not sure what I did, but I was wandering a bit without being able to read the contours and relocate.
4. For once I was able to use the limestone to find the control.
5. Straight.
6. Straight.
7. +08:00Was missing to the left, and got pulled farther left by seeing a control. WHAT AN IDIOT - it was my C3 that I had already visited, but I didn't realize it! I continued on to the trail and saw a bend, so I attacked, didn't spot anything, went a little farther and saw a control. It was 231 again, but I was looking for 232. Again I failed to realize it was my C3 which would have provided an easy attack, so back to the trail and made sure I got to the real bend and from there it was very simple. WHAT AN IDIOT!
8. Went left to the trail, and took the branch that doubled back, making the leg about 40% shorter and easier.
9. +04:00Got the fence, marsh and clearing near the line, but then got distracted by others and dragged too far and to the right, and checked around the next rocky area before realizing I was too close to clearings, and found my way back.
10. Stayed a little more cautious on this leg.
11. +03:00Thought I tracked myself thru the trails, but never saw the boulder that was supposed to be my attack point, continued N to the pond and sprinted back to the control.
12. Flew back by the pond then angled thru the rough open land to the trail.
13. Decent hustle here.
F. +00:02Tried to go straight from the punch - hadn't noticed the dashed line on the map that took us around.

Total Time Lost - 00:24:17

Split Analysis

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