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Race Evaluation

NEOC Powissett Peak: Blue


1. (Includes 3:50 map-copying & inserting into bag). Not having looked at the map too closely, started into the parking lot across the way, looking for the trail. Came out to the road, picked up the trail to the left. After crossing pond, took trail to left, then to right, skirted cliff, followed wall. Cliff was slightly more to left than I thought it would be.
2. Planned to go left of the line, ended up going right.Hit the trail at NE corner, straight S. Hesitated when I saw a cliff to my right that wasn't it.
3. Ugh. A little N, then W. But then miscounted trails and started running S one trail too soon. One glance at the contours should have stopped me. Ended up coming up from the road to the S.
4. Found a faint N-S trail between the E-W trails which I followed a little bit.
5. Took the tough direct way. Should have scooted around to the left. When I got to the area I wandered a bit, finally having to relocate at the trail jct to the W.
6. straight
7. down to trail, S, following trails almost all the way, cutting into the brush at the boulder to the SSW to avoid dropping contours. Probably lost a little time as a result.
8. E to faint trails/walls, being a little confused because it was hard for me to see the faint trails. Finally picked up the bigger trail heading E. Attacked from the string of hilltops to the W.
9. Pretty much went just S of the line. Took a compass bearing from the building in the clearing (or so I thought). Ended up SE of the control, wandered a bit and looked at every other rock first it seemed.
10. E to trail, followed it to the trail leading to a clearing, then followed stone wall and continued up and over.
11. Down to marsh, N, followed trails, then in.
12. Straight, pretty much.
13. Crossed the power line area, got a little confused at the other side, eventually ending up at the trail just by the off-trail to the little building. S to faint trail, to pond, and in.
14. Followed trails to gap in green. Started S after the first wall before noticing my mistake. After crossing 2nd wall, criss-crossed a bit before finding the control.
15. First found the end of the big nose.
16. SSE to pond. Followed trail past hill, then in.
17. Kept fairly close to line, then made the mistake of attacking from the stream (rocky!) instead of coming over the top.
18. Plan was to stay high, going W. Ended up going slightly NW and hitting trail there. Took the low trail to the parking lot, road to saddle point, etc.
19. N to filed, trails around. When running on the high trail to the W, heard Ross behind me and I kicked it up a notch. When we got to the intersection, I stopped to let him by, motioning to the left. He went right ?! I went left, he joined up after 50 m. or so. I took a straighter line to the top of the hill, so arrived just after he did. Candy (yum).
F. Ross took the trail N. The only thing I noticed from the map was that the finish was to the ENE, so I cut to the right after following him a little bit. When I got to the road I saw the mistake I made - the straight way to the finish was really yucky, so I took the road to the trail. Thanks, Jeff.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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