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Race Evaluation

Sebago Lake: Red


1. Splits are from my watch, not from epunch splits - we often disagree by up to 20sec, including the total time, which the "official" time seems to be long by about 14sec (both Janet and I self-timed 14sec faster than epunch time).
2. +02:00I think the bag was hung higher in the reentrant than where the circle was. Checked the reentrant where circled on the first pass but had to double back higher to find the bag.
5. Nice to have a bag to punch at to break up the climb between 4 and 6. :-)
7. Would've been nice if bare rock was mapped with gray rather than yellow.
10. +06:00Went completely brain dead and spent about 5 minutes looking at the map to figure out where I was. I took mostly trails (including the non-IOF symbol which I assumed was a trail). Was on the non-IOF trail but lost track of what trail I was on and the map didn't match the terrain. I was only about 100m from the control when I finally figured it out.
12. Off about 70m to the left but fortunately spotted the bag.
15. I suspect this control was on the orange course, but made for some gratuitious climb without much navigational challenge. Using a feature about 150m beyond the summit could've offered some interesting route choices.
16. +01:00Spent too much time in the woods and rocks. Should've gone straight to the road.
F. Fun course with nice woods and nice weather. I counted 345m of climb.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:00

Split Analysis

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