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Race Evaluation

DVOA FCE Long champs: Blue


1. Threaded my way along trails as much as possible. Came in from north of control. Control was hung too low on a feature that was almost impossible to read on the map.
2. Slightly left of line. Bottom of control was touching the ground.
3. A little left of line again. Initially planned to hit the trail and bounce off, but I located myself precisely on a platform and read ditches in.
4. Took small trail right of line and then stayed on right on boulder field. Came up right side of ditch but missed the control which was not only not hung on the feature, it was behind a big tree.
5. Took small trail past Miller's Point then contour and compass to major NS rentrant and control Spiked it hard.
7. Misread some of the boulder fields on the way over. Too far right, lost contact, and paid the price.
8. Straight.
9. Straight.
10. Straight
11. Straight, until trail. Then west a bit before cutting north.
12. Picked a line so I could hit the most rock possible.
13. Kind of south into the side rentrant and contoured.
14. Out to trail on right.
15. A little right of straight, on top of the shoulder, until the indistinct trail.
16. Straight.
17. Straight.
F. Straight.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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