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Race Evaluation

Sebago Lake: Green


1. Same first control as on red course.
2. When in right part of reentrant, another orienteer (John P., LIOC?) alerted me that it was hung higher up the reentrant than shown on the map.
4. Bad map reading
Small control circles (uncut) masked important features around control. I didn't slow down to clearly read what the control circle covered, so I went at least 150 m beyond the control before realizing I wasn't finding anything that looked like the feature.
5. Slog up the steep hillside.
6. Easy.
7. North around the cliffs to trail, then NE around the overgrown clearings and in.
10. Bad route choice
I may have moved faster taking the trail route (adding a good amount of distance, but I'm not fast in rocky woods). Then instead of attacking east from the trail junction I ran up the major trail to avoid most of the rock/vertical green.
11. Bad route choice
Should have climbed straight up the hill and through the narrow part of the med. green; instead I veered too far south to avoid the worst vegetation. Too far out of the way.
12. Walked most of the way down the hillside due to rocks underfoot.

Total Time Lost - 00:17:00

Split Analysis

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