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Race Evaluation

Chobham Common District: Brown


1. Did not like map
Map suggested gap in gorse, wasn't really one, then unmapped track appears
2. Hesitated
slow across here, just to get it right
3. Did not like map
Bad distance judgement
stopped one earthbank too early, map didn't feel right
5. spiked! easily beat Colin Dickson on this leg
6. Did not like map
Dragged too far left, partly because linking control line was obscuring path junction, partly as didn't check compass and map was all wrong - since when have decent size conifers surrounding you been mapped as rough open?
7. Ran too fast
Not thinking clearly
Thought was on one path when on the other, didn't quite feel right again. So cut across to woodland a bit too early
8. Fine, just slow over hill and through tussocky rubbish in forest
9. no problems
10. had this exact leg last time was here, did it 16 secs faster this time! why, I've no idea
11. +00:20bit of a bingo control, depression in rough open scattered, very cautious approach
12. Bad route choice
Did not like map
Went straight and regretted, caught up in all sorts of marsh/thick forest not at all obvious from the map. Should have gone round on the path
13. Did not like map
Bad compass work
missed slightly left, earthbank seemed to extend further and veg. mapping was terrible again
14. Did not like map
really missed this one, tried to go straight, again went by the veg which was completely wrong - control was supposedly in white woodland; rough open more like... Should have used path bend attack point
15. +01:00Around ridge and into re-entrant. Where's the control? Hidden behind a lump/tree in the reentrant, that's where...
16. made sure I was going to sight this one early, led to slightly slower time
17. gained time by cutting through woodland
18. +05:30This one was fantastic - there was no feature in the control circle!! Descriptions indicated it was a ditch, didn't know which way it was going, coupled with veg being wrong meant looked in wrong place for a long time. Was considering deliberately mispunching by this point. Eventually followed line of knolls and got it, supposedly a 'linear marsh' on the map - was at least 2m below the rest of the ground level.
19. Nice and open, very visible control
20. Got this one OK too after getting feet wet in marsh that couldn't see marked on map
21. Bad compass work
Over the heather, to path jct attack, messed up attack - 50m or so to the right. then very hesitant
22. Bad route choice
Lost some time as chose the wrong route out of the control. Getting tired now
24. +00:10Fell over on way there, bit hesitant but had it no probs
F. Couldn't work out best route out of gorse, in end almost doubled back on myself, should have done do from the control!

Total Time Lost - 00:16:05

Split Analysis

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