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Race Evaluation

WCOC Sessions Woods: Red


1. Angle to the road, then took the road to the second bend in the open area. Came in a bit left and low.
2. +01:30After contouring across I dropped down and (somehow) ended up on the left, western fork of the stream bed and had to pop over the knoll to the eastern fork.
3. Trail around until the jog in the trail, then came in along northside of the copse.
4. Straight.
5. Straight
6. Around the wet area and past the cliff under the line.
7. Popped over the spur a bit to the right.
8. Due south across road to cut the corner, then following road, leaving it between green and cliff, above left side of pond (nasty), and spike.
9. South to little trail, jog right on road to trail through the green, leaving at the bend going due south to the river, which was knee deep. Lost some time crossing on a partially submerged log. Then followed the indistinct trail past the big cliffs, angled up to the trail to the left of the dot knoll, then trail to the reentrant.
10. +00:15I hadn't noticed the clue "top of", so I went to the base of the 8 meter cliff. Nothing. Then climbed up the right side. Didn't lose much time, since I would have had to climb anyway.
11. +01:00Bad route choice. Due east, through laurel and rocks to the trail. (I suspect going further south is better.) Then, misread which side of the big cliff the trail was on, and so cut off the trail at the end of the bend and scrambled down some steep rocks. Then cut through the light/dark green and (fortunately) went right to it.
12. Angle to the trail, then came in a bit to the right.
13. +00:15Cross stream, cross road just east of dark green, cut corner to trail. Then I followed the indistinct trails right to the spur, but I didn't see the flag at first and hesitated before heading down the spur a bit right to it.
14. Due west up the hill to the road. Laurel didn't slow me down since I was walking. Then a bit NE of the junction headed up the hill right to it.
15. Straight.
F. Straight, cutting across the field.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:00

Split Analysis

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