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Race Evaluation

WCOC Sessions Woods: Red


1. Trail to stone wall, then straight
2. Basically stayed on contour to control
3. Trail partway, then across flatter part of hill, above first patch of green, then straight
4. To trail, cut in at south side of green/stone walls, then straight
5. Straight
6. +00:30Little slow reading the map in this area.
7. No problems
8. To trail, then south on trail; cut in just south of hill with rock faces
9. +04:00Iffy route choice and bad execution. Wanted to go to the trail running south of the main trail, but didn't pay enough attention to the map, and mistakenly thought the trail running southeast of the tower led to my trail. Got to that wrong trail, continued south on the smaller trail thinking it was my trail, and didn't catch my mistake until 100 meters from the river.
10. No problems
11. South of the laurel, then down the cliffy stuff to the trail, to just above the control. No problems, but not sure if it would have been faster to start north and get to the trail faster.
12. Back to trail, no problems
13. Across stream, cut corner to trail, uphill, then indistinct trail until close to control
14. Basically head west, uphill, to main trail. Laurel was no problem.
15. Straight

Total Time Lost - 00:04:30

Split Analysis

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