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Race Evaluation

WCOC Sessions Woods: Red


1. S to road, W to wall, up to trail and along electric fence and in. Pretty small knoll - who would map that?
2. Contour around hill, across trail to trail N to small trail, around over spur to bag.
3. Trail all way around to esses and straight shot over.
4. SW to trail hitting it at small stream just as pair of MTBers go by. Along trail, around hill by car. Trail to bend, to junction of walls, follow walls to bag.
5. S dropping to flat where it's nice fast running.
6. Back out and wide around marsh in fairly good woods, but rough. Get to about N of island thinking I've got to go all way around marsh to 7 when the light bulb clicks and I see 6 on map. Over spur and in.
7. S around end of marsh which is much smaller than during the high water period when it was mapped (map now has reduced marsh.) Up over shallow spur and in.
8. S to trail near rough open. Along to just beyond hill, along stream to dryer section and follow bearing past knoll with a very forelorn Karen Olah standing looking very befuddled. Think whe was also looking for the depression and I yelled "This way" and kept going to distinct hillside until break in hill. Up and in.
9. To tower trail S, L to trail to waterfall to bend, SW to rocky section of stream and across, up to indistinct trail, around to S of marsh and up watercourse W of rocky knoll. Trail to bend and up reentrant.
10. Along below cliffs and up side of big cliff to bag.
11. Wanted to check state of veg to E of bag so headed SE along hill picking way around various veg eventually working down hillside due E of 10. (Veg may be overmapped as was quite passable but not sure I want to try to really map the various bits.) Trail through exciting cliffs and along base to bend. Dropped down to - hmm, this bag is a bit sudden. Punch and head out. Picked up bag Sunday and think bag was hung on a big boulder about where boulder field symbol is to W of boulder symbol circled. There was a small (~.5m) boulder at that location buried in a hemlock and visible from below, not above. Won't be there in the next version ;-} The power of OCAD.
12. Back to trail to boulders, in.
14. Thought about checking out the mt laurel at top of hill but decided to go N around downed trees and up N side of reentrant and in.
F. Fun course. Thanks Charlie.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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