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Race Evaluation

NEOC Club Champs: Blue


1. +00:11Started 11 seconds late as I was spacing out at start table. Took trail, then veered off after dot knoll on L. Took hard spill on final approach striking knee against sharp rock on ground.
2. +00:10Hobbled back to trail. Contoured from 2nd large boulder on L.
3. Through saddle to R of line, between tiny pond and spur, then around to N of marsh for possibly fictitious improved runability.
4. +00:45Up reentrant to trail, then ran past anticipated trail intersection (map correction not noted during copying). Recognized problem as I followed trail up climb, then took rather less than ideal direct through thick vegetation to E of nearly dried up pond.
5. +03:30Back N through reentrant through pond, then trail run R of large pond planning to get some familiarity of terrain around last control to help decide on run-in route choice. However, then inexplicably set my sights on Control 8, which I nailed in 7:13. Compounded this error by then inexplicably setting my sights on Contol 9. Recognized this error on top of ridge halfway to 9 and corrected running to S of swampy ground.
6. SE off hill, then S of marsh again and up across trail on ridge and down to pick up same trail now running roughly E. Took less ideal R fork before road, then contoured to stone wall before dropping down reentrant.
7. +01:30Contoured roughly SE for no earthly reason before coming to my senses as large cliffs came into view. Cut through rough open elevations and crossed wall at large boulder, then SW to trail and on line to control departing trail N of paired boulders.
8. NW through saddle and down to road. Took slope at angle but stayed a little too low, having to correct up to control from dot knoll to E
9. +00:15Retracing steps from circuitous route to #5, but left trail too early, probably influenced by others milling around base of cliff on spur 100 m to S. Corrected quickly after not finding flag, although sufficiently uncertain of my position to be unable to comment on flag placement issue raised by JJ.
10. +00:15NW to road, cut across beach to road again, then left road after trail to cross stream. Must have drifted downstream a little too far as I failed to hit stone wall quickly after crossing. A bit tentative on final approach as I was not confident in my position.
11. To road along trail, then cut to tip of lake and followed trails to N edge of marsh. Contoured W of marsh to flag.
12. NW to trail in reentran, then follow to road and power cut. Followed cut briefly before crossing below rocky outcropping and heading into woods at level of lower dot knoll/cliff combo.
13. W to trail, then continued trail run until departure before oblong knoll. Hit reentrant a bit low.
14. S through saddle, then W down reentrant. Picked up NS trail and drifted prematurely down hill below first cliff. DIrect line S from boulder presumably better
15. E to trail, then northernmost trail option to power cut before crossing to pick up EW trail. More trail run to saddle, then crossed green reentrant to run down spur.
16. +00:15Slightly SW to trail, then left trail from top of bare rock. Felt as if I was reading rocky knolls well, but wound up on bare rock elevation NW of flag rather than intended knoll just N of control.
17. SE to cross to far side of large reentrant, then S along slope to cross wall and take compass bearing from southernmost boulder.
18. +00:15E over rise a bit N of intended line, then down steep slope and through broad reentrant. Drifted N of rise, but identified cliff to E of flag with water stop from another course.
19. Road and trails.
F. Northern option following trail over shoulder of large hill.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:06

Split Analysis

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