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Race Evaluation

WCOC Sessions Woods: Red


2. Straight, following contours
3. Trail for a little way, then contoured around, just above the green patch, popped out at stone walls.
4. An intersting thing happened here. I went a bit left, though the saddle (which was probably unnecessary, saved me only one line), then drifted a bit and wound up 250 m WSW of the control. At that point I stopped. I knew what I had done, I knew where I had to be, but I couldn't get my brain to figure out what I needed to do next. I was smart enough not to run off in some weird direction, but I just stood there, probably for over a minute, untilI breathed enough oxygen back into my bloodstream to get my brain working again. It was clear to me that the problem was that I had been running too hard, and that I couldn't think due to lack of oxygen. I kept looking at the map and getting confused. Fascinating thing.
8. Straight. Planned to use the lake as an attack point, but when I got close and could see what I was approaching (the contours are hard to read due to the green stripes), I just followed the esker.
9. Left of the line far enough to get around the pond.
11. Oof! Bad route. Instead of going down to the trail, I figured I'd stay high for a bittake advantage of some white woods, and pick up the trail at the band, so I wouldn't have to go down and then back up again. Now, of course, I can see that the contours ending at the edge of the map were creating an illusion for me. And the vegetation at the edge isn't mapped perfectly, either. At least not off the edge, which is where I went. Got outside the park boundary (which I realized when I crossed back in and saw the sign), and went though a bunch of steep stuff and nasty laurel that I wasn't expecting. Ugh.
12. Followed by bad route choice with a horribly executed route. This one was easy, contour over to the trailand just follow it. Except I dropped a line or two, missed the trail coompletely, and contoured myself right into the green, wondering where the heck the trail was. Figured out where I was roughly halfway along the leg, smack dab on the line. Nothing to do but come up with a new plan, which was up and over the ridge, then down through the nice woods on the north side of the hill, passing just above the eyelash cliff. Lost time, but at least I spiked it.
15. Didn;t see the tag lines on the depression, and hesitated for a moment, unable to see the hill that wasn't there.
F. Caught a stick in the eye shortly after leaving the control, probably the worst ever. Snuck in past my glasses. Hurt pretty bad for a little while, and I was afraid I might have scratched my cornea, but it seems to have cleared up okay.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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