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Race Evaluation

NEOC Club Champs: Green


1. Not reading the map well, yet. Planned to use trails just a little, but ended up going almost the whole way on road and trails.
3. Around to the left of marsh, uphill, then went N on trail. Slowed approaching the control then followed reentrant in and found orienteers milling around. On the theory that I had stopped too short along the trial, I went N over knoll and did not find a saddle. Was at end of ridge. Then returned to saddle with milling orienteers, declared the control "not there" and headed S on trail toward number 4 via the road. Immediately met orienteers who had just punched, and found misplaced control in a less distinct saddle S of where it should have been.
5. West to the jeep trail then southwest to the road, etc.
6. Back on the same road, up, and then cut off the road 160m from the control. Given the steep slope leading down to the control, it might have been better to continue on the road and approach from the west.
7. Enough of trail running! Went straight.
8. Left of marsh; ended up about 15m left of the control. Was glad that I looked around at the right time.
9. Around the pond, to the road. A few paces southeast along the road, then in. Hit a N/S stone wall at 27 paces (60m) from the road, much sooner than expected and seemingly not matching the mapped wall. Hesitated, then followed the wall N. Found control.
10. Road to right around hill, then down to the control.
12. Contoured around the left side of the hill.
F. Set out with the notion of left to the clearing, and then on reaching the trail the woods looked open enough to head straight for the finish, so I headed west through the woods. Then noticed the green barrier and went to the right around it.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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