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Race Evaluation

NEOC Club Champs: Green


1. N to trail, E to small trail, N to end, then contour around reentrant to R.
2. NNW, by big rocks, then straight
3. SSW, around marsh, cutting corner to trail. Followed a woman (don't know who) she cut left earlier than I thought was right, I cut left later, found a saddle without a control. Wandered N, then S to find it. At the time I thought it was in the wrong place, was convinced otherwise at the end by Lex + Pete. But now I'm not sure.
4. Up rocky reentrant to road, following it around the bend and up the hill & over.
5. WSW to small trail, ran along pond then straight to road, seeing big boulder in front of me.
6. Took the path by the lake, cutting up with the small island right beside me. Road would probably have been faster, given the tricky footing at times.
7. Pretty much straight.
8. NE, crossing marsh. Got a little tenuous on the other side, but lucked out and saw the control just as I was going to try S.
9. E to trail, then followed it N and around. Didn't see the little trail to the lake corner, so just bashed through. A little tenuous near the control.
10. Back out the way I came, followed the long yellow area into some beautiful woods and in.
11. Up the slope, overshooting the control. Stood a bit in puzzlement, then headed back.
12. Horrible route. Got to hill, then planned to contour around. Started to, but when got to yellow trail, followed it down to bottom & ran around the base, dismayed to find out the climb I needed to do.Should have stuck with my original plan.
13. Miscounted walls, went into woods too soon. Recovered. But still went into woods too soon, needing to navigate around property boundaries & a rocky slope.
F. What was I thinking? Planned to go up around the green area, heading NNW. Saw green in front of me -- thought I saw a gap in it with registration area behind, but ended up climbing a nasty slope to the playground just to the N. Apart from a few bobbles, I thought I did OK. I enjoyed the course, which did a great job of avoiding green areas. Thanks, Bob.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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