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Race Evaluation

DVOA/QOC: Elk Neck: Blue


1. Ran the general direction of the circle and saw Ralph Tolbert punching
2. Along side of spur and around handrailing along the green to the reentrant. Never saw the ruin.
3. Did not like map
Straitish keeping within a contour or two of the index contour. Then hit stream at dot knoll. Hesitated on attack as there seemed to be an extra stream fork.
4. Up and over hitting the trail bend, greenbriar patch, and pair of rootstocks. Spike.
5. +00:30Over the spur, road run to trail which fizzled. Should have used stream instead. Could not find other trail either and lost contact. Climbed hill and handrailed along obvious green.
6. Run hard on bearing with such a strong catching feature so close. Use the vegetation to keep me on track. Spike.
7. Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Road to clearing. Thought about cutting the corner but greenbriar looked nasty. Attack off formline knoll and boom the control. Had to reattck. Should have paid more attention to big picture of the contours.
8. Hit the indistinct trail and thought about taking trails around but saw no improvement. Went straight instead picking up earth bank, greenbriar patch and formline knoll then right thru the green. Spike.
9. Down broad spur, cross first gully, saw rootstock and spike. Remember a major error in here at the A meet.
10. +00:20Yeah, hung low. Had trouble finding the feature also.
11. Bad route choice
Hit the quarry but went into fenced area rather than around. Was not thinking clearly. Was like a jungle in the laurel. Corrected for good running where they trimmed along the fence. Mapread small features into the circle. Did not like navigating to an unmappted feature but looked up from the reentrant and saw the edge of the terrace.
12. Off corner of white woods reading contours. Found knoll but no flag. Decided to relocate off rootstocks and saw bag, just barely, thru the green. Probably was mishung.
13. Bad route choice
Trails to beach, across clearing which has filled in nicely with the varieties of green the park has to offer, around corner of marsh thru the greenbriar, count reentrants in the laurel. Was sort of zenning it thru that laurel as I had no strong attack point. Certainly not the best route choice, in hindsight.
14. Bad route choice
Straight, trapped by the reentrant system, then off fence. Another sloppy route choice late in the race, but spiked the control.
15. Watch the green on my left. I'm ready for my botany degree now ...
F. Fun, physical, and challenging course. Thx Francis.

Total Time Lost - 00:11:35

Split Analysis

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