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Race Evaluation

OCIN Flying Pig 4: blue2 (US Short Champs)


1. Bad distance judgement
Checked out the control prior. Duh.
3. Got hit between legs by a branch at 2. Thinking process messed up, I opted for a 90 degree trail run. Probably OK.
4. Got stuck in a fallen tree. Need better running technique.
5. Bad compass work
Got stuck in the green, did not trust compass (was using a spare - had a bubble). Need better green running technique. Got out of green off to the left.
6. Confused parallel features
Was off to the right.
7. Bad route choice
Could not relocate
Not thinking clearly
Did a 90 degree around on the right. Most likely unnecessary.
8. Did not follow plan
Took a chance
Underrated difficulty
Got turned to the right in the green and almost hit the dump at the end of the non-dashed road (saw the dump through trees.) Should have concluded that a corrrection to the left was necessary. Did not and continued in the same direction off the map (interpreted the map boundary fence as an unmapped object.) Had to cross a deep reentrant to get to the control. Thanks for finding my good compass after I finished, Joel.
10. Did not like map
It turned out that Mike M. misplaced the rootstock on which the control was when he was entering map corrections into the file this winter. As a result, the rootstock was on the NE corner of marsh instead of the NW corner. I was a pre-runner this day. I got to the NW marsh corner and looked around for the control; found it pretty quickly. Told about it to Mike, he moved the control and posted a note about a control description change.
11. Tired
12. Bad map reading
Did not read map well. Was off to the right. Had to navigate off the finish.
15. Bad compass work
Not thinking clearly
Was off to the right.
16. Bad distance judgement
Swallowed the bait.
17. Tired
18. Tired

Total Time Lost - 00:06:35

Split Analysis

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