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Race Evaluation

SLOC Meremac: Red


1. A bit of a grunt, but not a difficult leg. Ran down the spur until I saw the saddle and went left to the control.
2. Grunt.
3. +00:10Missed just a bit left. Corrected quickly.
4. +00:30Went further right than I should have to stay in contact. Had some trouble picking out the mapped rock from the unmapped rock on the hillside.
5. +01:00Ran the leg well, but then just when I could have contoured into the control, I dropped down too low and got stuck below the big rockface.
6. Attacked from the saddle and counted reentrants over. Didn't really need to - as soon as I counted the fourth reentrant, I spotted the bag still 200m away.
7. A bit right, but no time lost.
8. Good leg, really running hard at this point. Spotted David Frei leaving the control (he started 4 min ahead).
9. More hard running. Caught and passed David while ascending through the field. The trail might be mapped a bit low; I didn't hit it until almost all the way across the field.
10. +00:30Started up the right side of the reentrant system and ended up getting pushed further right than I would have liked. The reentrant tops were deeper than I expected.
11. More hard running. Attacked from the top of the reentrant just E of the control.
12. Lost contact with the map through the light green, so I just turned E until I had good visibility again and then went up the reentrant to the control. Dangerous, but I didn't lose any time.
13. +01:30Had the wrong boulder circled on my map (I had the one on the S edge of the circle). Ran right to it, then spent about 20 seconds looking around. I heard Mark Geldemeier above me and looked up to see him punching the control. Dumb mistake, especially since we marked maps off the clock.
14. Intentionally went a bit right to avoid getting caught above the cliff.
F. Long run-in across a mowed field.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:40

Split Analysis

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