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Race Evaluation

Rochester A-meet: RedY Day 1:


1. Cut down the hill to the canal. Dropoff steep and slow. Hit some green.
2. +03:00Scale error: used 1:10 scale on compass and stopped short. Looked way too early.
3. +01:00Another bad leg. Finally figured out scale was wrong.
4. Starting to pick up here.
5. Contoured, some climb up over shoulder.
6. Spiked.
7. Crowd around this one.
8. Same crowd.
9. Foot hurting. Just jogged along trail, couldn't run with any speed on hard surface.
10. Straight line to water, crossed on submerged log, fell off and got a bit wet. The up to trail and in at trail jct. Down reentrant to control.
11. Straight to trail, then around trail to height of land. Ran out shoulder and looked down on control.
12. +01:00S-curve: first right to miss green, then L of line up trail and over ridge. Lost time by going too far R at first.
13. Contoured across. Going high might have been faster.
14. Road. Kind of painful here, too.
15. +00:20Straight line. Overshot slightly.
16. +03:00Up road to start of slope and then in to rock. Unfortunately, another slope is hidden under purple slash marks. Hence, turned in too early and detoured 200 m.
17. Straight to it.
F. What a grind to the finish!

Total Time Lost - 00:08:20

Split Analysis

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