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Race Evaluation

SLOC 3-hour Turkey O: Score


1. Control 20: Took the road down the hill, then straight from the junction. About 10 seconds behind Frei at the punch.
2. 10. Straight.
3. 30. Straight. David went slightly left so we met at the control.
4. 6. Aimed off just a bit and then followed the stream into the control. David was behind me.
5. 7. Drifted right and David got back in front by a few seconds.
6. 25. Straight, still trailing David.
7. 23. Passed David going through the thick stuff, then stopped to check position when crossing the stream 200m before the control. About 10 seconds back at the control.
8. 29. Straight. Caught up to David.
9. 32. Straight. David went low and had to come back up to the control so he was a bit behind.
10. +00:2022. Missed left. David re-took the lead.
11. 31. Slightly left and found the old trail. David hesitated and I passed him. Followed the vegetation into the control (fortunately, it's still pretty close to what's mapped).
12. 37. Stayed just above the green.
13. 39. Straight. David passed me running down the hill. This was my scheduled 1-hour mark, so I was pretty happy to arrive at just over 45 minutes, but was worried that the early pace might be too much.
14. 36. David actually picked up the pace here which amazed me because he hasn't been running that well lately. He missed right and I had about 10 seconds on him at the control.
15. 38. Was going to aim off left, but I spotted the control from 300m away. Still about 10 seconds ahead.
16. 28. David went south to 24, so I was alone. Went straight. Spotted the bag from a long way off again.
17. 34. Followed the stream to the first crossing point, then straight into the control.
18. 33. Straight.
19. 35. Followed east bank of stream. Found an unmapped crossing point just before the control.
20. 24. Straight up the stream.
21. 15. Crossed the stream right where the path crosses. Went straight in since the woods were just as fast as the trail.
22. +00:3017. Took the trail through the dark green. Overran it just a bit.
23. +00:15Too low, got stuck below the rockface. Probably not much time lost though because the low route was really fast running.
24. 16. Ran along the exposed rock the whole way.
25. 26. Along the top of the cliff and then quickly down through the medium green. Went all the way out to the fence to get better running. Poked my eye with a branch approaching the control and had blurry vision the rest of the race.
26. 18. A bit tentative getting used to running and reading with just one eye.
27. +03:0019. First bad boom. Got in the reentrant left of the control and then turned left instead of right. Ran up to the saddle above the control to relocate.
28. +04:0013. Really ugly. Missed left and went past the fence (which is really indistinct). Got down into the mix of trails and clearings east of the control and spent some time trying to figure out where I was. Finally sorted it out and went pretty directly to the control, but tripped on the fence just before reaching it.
29. 14. Straight.
30. 4. Found the fence after crossing the stream and followed it around.
31. +01:003. Straight for the first half of the leg, then drifted quite a bit left after passing right of the dark green. Ran along the fence line to the control.
32. 2. Up to the power line then straight after getting past the dark green. Was a bit dissappointed to meet David at the control, but I knew I'd been giving time away.
33. +01:0012. Followed David since I was really struggling to read map detail. He overran it and we wound up at the bare rock just to the south. I recovered quicker. He was just behind me at the control.
34. 21. Followed the stream up the hill then spotted the thick vegetation surrounding the control. David wasn't running as fast uphill, so I had about a 15 second lead at the control.
35. +04:0011. Big boom that really should have cost me the race. Left the control loose and misread the ridge for a spur. Started heading down the spur before realizing I was going NE rather than NW. Took a bit to figure it all out.
36. 40. Redemption leg! Ran really well through all the mixed vegetation. Focus was back and my vision was getting a bit better so I could read the map without stopping. Went just left and hit the fence corner at the edge of the park. From there, up the reentrant and through the little clearing to attack the control. David was still out of sight, but I felt like I at least had a chance again.
37. 8. Slightly right, then up the stream to the control.
38. 5. Was still feeling a little shaky from the earlier mistakes, so I took the trail up the hill to be sure I didn't blow it.
39. 1. Thought about skipping this as my errors had squandered my time cushion. Decided to take the risk. Ran straight figuring if I missed it, I'd just bail.
40. 9. Straight to where the power lines crossed and then right of the dark green. Met Gary Thompson at the control.
F. Across the top of the dam and then following the road back to camp. David had been there for a few minutes, but it turned out he had skipped #3, so I got the win.

Total Time Lost - 00:14:05

Split Analysis

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