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Race Evaluation

Greenbelt Park: Training


1. Up along the paved road a bit, then in. I didn't know the controls would be 1/2 size.
2. Fairly straight but the ditch we crossed first seemed like it was in a bigger reentrant than mapped.
3. Zig-zagging a bit for the vegetation. The green at the end was closer to the gully.
4. I paused after leaving #3 for a body break then resumed going left a bit for easier running. At the end, I expected the control to be more to the left but since I was following the ridge, I saw in to my right.
5. Left at first to minimize the green. I found the Perimeter Trail near the intersection w/the fire road. Following the trail a way, I left it west of the control. I fumbled a little at the end by not going up high enough.
6. +01:45I've always had trouble in this area. It's a combination of the unmapped green and perhaps another ditch or reentrant that's not shown. I got past the control and eventually was drawn to where a streamer was hung. Jon had given some pre-run instructions and I forgot all of them. For a bit, I thought he just didn't hang a control but further backtracking and examination revealed it to me.
7. Straight up and weaving my way through the green areas. I had set a control on this pit last year when I did a training event.
8. +00:15I started off readin the leg wrong and not thinking that I had to drop down a bit. I corrected but ended-up pulling-up short.
9. I left #8 kind of funny. Perhaps I didn't let the compass settle. On the trail, I started to turn left at the first intersection and then corrected and bore left at the next. I ran the low route along the creek and cut up at the end. I cut up a bit early and almost missed it.
10. +00:10I went a bit left to get through the vegetation and paused a bit short of the control.
11. +00:20I left #10 by going up the spur. I ran the flat part of the trail when I hit that. Going further I got too high getting through the green and had to come down almost a contour.
12. To leave #11, I dropped elevation going the opposite direction to get around some green. I should have next just run down and up across the reentrant but I ran more easterly to partly contour around it. Again, I didn't let my compass settle enough. I finally hit the road not much further west than I was at #11. I ran the road until the guard rail ended. I was going to more direct from there but the way seemed clearer to drop along side of the reentrant. The woods were darker here due to the holly. I didn't see one of the many thorny vines in the area but it made its presence known (enough to leave a longer lasting memory) as it twisted and pulled along my neck. The control was easy to hit.
13. Still stinging from the vine on the way to #12, I retraced my steps heading to #13. I knew that the map was incorrect in the area of the control so once I got to the spur area, I walked slowly through and around rhododendron.
14. I found the edge of the thick green and ran along it. At one point, I could have gone straighter but went around so that I'd end up on clearer terrain. This dropped me off line a but south but I found and recognized the thorny spot of green next to it.
15. My initial inclination was to backtrack my steps as the most efficient route but since this was for training, I ran southward along the stream reentrant. I pulled-up at one point thinking that I might have dropped too close to the main creek. I corrected but was tentative for a way. Finally I saw it after hitting the white woods. It was 70m ahead.
16. I ran almost straight but found myself second guessing myself as I remembered that the creek crossing can be awkward. I only zig-zagged a little to get across. I was slow picking out my location when I emerged on the other side at at trail bend; one of two on this stretch of trail. Looking now, I see that the bend was covered-up by the circle for #16.
17. I used the intermittant road for most of the way. At the end, I got too high even though I left the trail to angle closer to the control in the pit. I went around the green at the end and found it soon enough.
18. +01:45This was the nicest stretch of the training event. I opened-up my stride but felt I was being pushed a bit left more than once. I pulled-up short and tried to correct by going downhill (to the right). Not seeing it an not sure where I was, I looked left and saw it over 100m away. As I ran, I lost sight of it but did pickup sight of a streamer; probably for the meet scheduled here in two weeks. I went to the streamer but it was on the wrong ruin. I looked back about 50m and saw it. A large tree had obscured it earlier.
19. I ran fairly straight but still had to zig-zag around vegetation. I pulled-up short but went on to hit it.
20. I hadn't crossed the old camp road in this area before. I kept fairly straight but was unsure with the many ditch-like features.
F. Angle to the trail and in.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:15

Split Analysis

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