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Attackpoint - performance and training tools for orienteering athletes

Race Evaluation

: Vasquez Rocks Green


1. Unused to terrain
Unused to terrain, set out on safe route. came in from the top. hit it.
2. Followed by others
Unused to terrain
Unused to terrain, took chance. ended up short of where I wanted to be. several trails not on map. corrected.
3. Followed by others
Unused to terrain
slow to start, could not decide on attack point. used magnification to see small stream. followed up hill. attacked from above. proved to be best decision of day.
4. Disturbed by others
Unused to terrain
started to get feeling for terrain. headed over slick rock.
5. not too bad. confused with many trails. followed small creek.
6. Confused parallel features
longest distance between two controls. went around cliffs, stayed low. ended up on parallel trail north of my trail. realized I wanted to be higher up hill.
7. Followed by others
6 was up on side of hill that overlooked valley. this allowed a great vantage point to plot path. once I knew where I was going I just made a direct path to attack point. bingo.
8. feeling good. went uphill to attack from above. reached summit. saw control was much further down hill than I thought correct. went directly to control. it was mine.
9. +01:00perfect route choice. problem was I stopped on top of bolder that control was hidden under. my vantage point allowed me to survey area. another runner came up to me and puched the control under my feet.
10. Bad distance judgement
close to the finish. so many trails. many similar features. kept eye on the person in front of me while still looking behing similar.
F. Followed others

Total Time Lost - 00:12:00

Split Analysis

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