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Race Evaluation

BAOC Tilden: Blue


1. The route is here. I stopped at the start, puzzled at the start/finish crossover. Then took off and immediately fell on a slippery eucalyptus branch. Hurt my right leg on the outside just below the knee. Got up, half-collected myself. Ran to the control site, identified the reentrant from ways away but could not see the flag until I got all the way to it, stopping twice on the way in disbelief.
2. Bad map reading
Another short micro-O leg. I got to the area quickly, reading the map and following trails. But, saw the rock piles to my left, and insisted on exploring them, not reading that the cliff was just to the right of the indistinct trail. I think I made a total of three approaches off the clearing. The first one was a long one, probly about 45 s total. I looked at the rocks, but not in the rocks, then a bit further in the reentrant, then came back to the clearing. I reasserted that I was indeed in the correct clearing, dipped into the woods, this time to the right of the indistinct trail but further in. Nothing. Came back to the clearing for the third time and embarked on a thorough search of the rocks. About 20 s into the search, I read the map yet again, figured out where the cliff was in relation to the rocks, and went and got it.
4. Did not plan ahead
Did not read control description
I got there without a clear understanding of the exact control location. It looked on the map like the control was on the circled cliff. As I crossed the bridge, I took a few steps on the lakeside trail and then tried, almost instinctively, to go up sidehill. It was not easy; the incline in front of me was not high but extremely steep. I stopped and read the control description. It said "tip of spur". With this, I wondered if the control was just on the lakeside trail itself, at the end of the spur, not requiring climbing up the spur at all. I thought that it would be better to check out that option first, as if it was indeed on the trail, I would avoid the steep climb. So, I resumed on the lakeside trail to the bend. No control. I then climbed up the centerline of the spur to the cliff. No control. It was a bit further up, at the very top, not tip, of the spur. With this location, of course it would have been best to have taken the trail that led across the spur, from the bridge. But, I have to admit that I would have read the map too late to have done that even if the correct control description were provided in the first place.
5. I considered going around the S side of the lake, but decided against it.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:35

Split Analysis

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