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Race Evaluation

MVOC Cricket Holler: Night Score-O


1. Lacked confidence
Unused to map
Unused to terrain
Slow getting used to the map and seeing in the dark. Also got confused a bit about a trail bend that shouldn't be there. It's possible I wasn't on the right trail either.
2. Lacked confidence
Unused to map
Unused to terrain
Still running slow at this point even though the route is straight trail. Running with Matthew to the control.
3. Bad route choice
Lacked confidence
Taking trail west to the stream, then follow along stream to the next trail. Took trail to shelter, then N to fire ring. Still with Matthew.
4. Ran N, cross big path towards small amphitheater. Picked up Dick and Bob when we crossed the stream. Then up along stream to pit.
5. Feeling more confident with the map now, and aided with a straight forward leg, I picked up the pace to create some distance from the group. Ran the trail along the ran to #10.
6. Along the trail/fence, around the corner to the boulder.
7. Down the slope, cross the stream, and across the muddy field straight toward the western most building.
8. Bad route choice
Didn't take the trail option. Instead ran past the buildings at the edge of field, then cut into the 'white' area trying to follow indistinct trail to #7. Woods was not runnable at all (lots of honeysuckles) and I never found the trail. But I somehow came straight to the control. The best route is staying in the open and go around.
9. Up the hill, then ran the road and path to #6.
10. Down the trail SE out of the control to the stream/trail junction. Then follow stream up to gully.
11. Read map too late
Did not read control description
Aiming off to the right on a compass bearing. Took a left turn when I hit the big trail, then proceeded to overrun the control. I just didn't read the description and map carefully enough to realize the control is slightly off the path in semi-hidden by trees. Stopped at the Y-junction and figured out what's wrong quickly.
12. +00:10Back up the trail and taking the left fork. Lost some time in the circle because I just couldn't see the reflectors.
13. Almost straight.
14. Had originally planned a left route based on earlier glances, but realized coming out of #2 that there's a more direct/easy right hand route along the fence. Didn't read the map closely enough to realize the trail ends about 3/4 way into the fence portion, so I slowed down a bit there I couldn't seem to follow the trail anymore. I just kept running along the fence until I hit the end (corner). Tom S. and I converged at the control, from opposite directions!
15. Back S along the fence to pick up the indistinct trail that leads SW to the main path. After that, it was a straight forward trail leg to #3. I tried to pick up the pace here in an attempt to get away from Tom a bit.
F. Trail into the finish. Turns out Tom still has some controls on the southern portion of the map to get.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:45

Split Analysis

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