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Race Evaluation

Rochester A-Meet, Day 1: Red X


2. Went all sorts of interesting places on the way. Only after the race did I realize the purple trails were invisible. But I couldn't tell they were purple while I was out there anyway.
3. Trail.
4. Straight.
6. Momentarily confused by control on stream.
7. Trail. Seemed like there were more knolls in here.
10. Looked tricky, but wasn't.
11. Stayed high. The last part was fun -- wheeee!
13. The road looked so far, and I thought I was so smart going straight. Doh! Made good time on the flats, butthe last part was mushy, and the climb wasn't all that fast.
14. Now this was a challenging leg...
16. I get to about 20 m from the flag, and for some reason look right and see another one. And I head over toward it! Got maybe halfway before I snapped out of it and went up the reentrant where I was going in the first place.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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