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Race Evaluation

OOC Kingsmere, Gatineau Park: Long advanced


1. Rerun done on snowshoes. I got to park before most skiiers. Tape is still on control 1. Why can't we leave tape up after races?
2. W/ size 21 shoes, trails are even more crucial. S to trail but under fallen timber is tough on snowshoes. To TCT but did not go up valley, followed water and rounded hill to pit & control.
3. S to TCT then up parkway, turn on trail then immediate E cross water.
4. Did not plan ahead
Must take control 4 more carefully next time.
5. Did not like map
As in November, unmapped stream fooled me except this time I actually descended ridge thinking I passed control then had to follow green below ridge and back up to control.
6. Could have run faster but for many fallen logs.
8. Ran too fast
Took trail S, N, then S to water course that looks like blue-ink trail on map. In winters past in deeper snow I followed same course seeking ruins which I still haven't seen. This route was too green even when I could walk on ice. Trails may have been faster. Next time I need to take bearing from parkway.
9. Bad map reading
I went back to parkway and still messed up. Next time: try bearing.
10. I came out too far N encroaching on buildings in no-go zone. GREEN approaching beaver dam is tough by snowshoes.
F. W & came out at cuver in trail just as should have but still slow.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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