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Race Evaluation

OCIN New Year's Orienteering Festival: Green


3. Some tentative navigation got me in trouble here. I ran the trail down to the bridge, then continued SW off-trail in the woods along the stream, intending to count stream junctions to the third one. Passed the first two OK, but then mistook a much smaller ditch as the third stream, and ran E into the woods too early. Corrected, got back to the main stream, continued S to the correct junction and reattacked. My nav in the circle was still pretty sloppy, though. The terrain was confusing me a bit here.
4. I wasted some time here because there was a new trail and new bridge that wasn't matching up to the map, and I had to take some time to make sure I hadn't made a huge error somewhere. Turns out that the huge error was neglecting to copy the information about these new items from the master map when I copied my course! :-(
7. I didn't really have a good plan for 7. I ended up going E to the trail and running the trail north, but my initial plan was just to get down off the ridge (to the flood plain), and run in the woods along the base of the ridge (the map showed white along the ridge base). But I went E from 6 rather than NE, which meant that I stayed in the thick until I hit the trail. Since I was already there, I just took the trail.
8. Reentrant was easy to find from the north side of the stream looking south, but it was steep and muddy, and footing was not good. It was a slow climb, grabbing honeysuckle on the way up.
12. I attacked this pretty well, actually, and was running west along the dry ditch. But the root stock didn't appear as quickly as I thought it should have, so I started getting paranoid about a parallel error (there was a shorter dry ditch just south of me). Eventually, I ran south to the top of the spur to check for a trail. There was none, so I knew I was on the right ditch. I ran back to it and continued, and found the root stock very shortly thenafter.
15. I ran the trail to the first fence, (actually overshot it, had to come back to it) and then headed east. Had to do quite a bit of ducking and weaving through the area south of the fence - pretty thick stuff.
F. I continued E through the rough to get to the trail, but I should have gone NE, perpendicular to the trail, to get to the trail as quickly as possible. As it was, the run-in was somewhat truncated because I was so close to the finish by the time I emerged on the trail.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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