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Race Evaluation

OOC ?Permanent? Advanced: Cité des Jeunes


1. We soon learned that the ice on paved paths was dangerous. Went too far before leaving path as I had to back track two hills.
2. Use ice-covered Trans Canada Trail to scale cliffs below control.
3. SLOW run leaving water on right. Too many rocks and stones.
4. NNE to trail then off end of curve in trail.
5. Did not like map
Tried to grab trails NE of control and use the trails. I then messed up big time as I have before on this section of map: trail confusion, more trails than map. Ended up at ruins ENE of control and then went above and beyond control.
6. Bad route choice
Failures at 5 then messed me up on next leg: too many ponds. I started on S trail W of control and should have continued into field and back up by true pond (in hindsight).
7. SLOW run and hit main trail missing control to the E, back tracked.
8. Fast run through field, scaling hill top.
9. Down hill to GREEN along swamp, W to beaver dam, through GREEN to icy paved path, off curve in path but very slow rounding hill on E slopes.
10. Fast too trail and then gravel-pit/fields but then screwed up big time following boundary too far N, climbing mountain passes & then seeing paved path. Relocated on paved path and back through passes to reentrant.
11. Bad route choice
Retrace route to paved path, crossed path and descended too far & missed control. Back all the way to paved path, then to NE trail hadn't seen on map first time, duh!
F. Did not plan ahead
Blew up the finish by putting my head down and heading to the CEGEP and the finish line used years ago, whoops!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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