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Race Evaluation

Anza-Borrego Desert O-Fest: green


1. +04:00started slow not to make any early mistakes. so I went up the wrong re-entrant.
2. went well
3. went well
4. went well
5. +05:00failed to read the control description. went into the canyon. ran back and forth twice before I read the control description. control on top of canyon.
6. easy
7. +50:00I became very concerned the area between me and 7 was too complicated for me to take a direct path. So I went north up the steep but featureless hill. walked too far decided to retrace my steps. too much work took a short cut. went down wrong canyon retraced the steps. easy to do when walking in sand. gave up. found control. most time I ever spent looking for a control.
8. went slow. timid.
9. kicked a cactus. ouch. pulled out barbed spines.
F. glad to be done

Total Time Lost - 00:59:00

Split Analysis

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