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Race Evaluation

Rochester A-Meet: Blue Day 1


1. +00:30slow, cautious
6. Did not like map
Could not relocate
missed it too low, couldn't figure out which stream i was on - the real stream was much bigger than i expected from the map.... had to bail out high
11. Bad route choice
went mainly straight, but lost ~ 1 minute by taking the trail all the way - nick duca was a minute faster by cutting some of the trail in the early section by going straight through the woods
12. Ran too fast
Not thinking clearly
major blunder exiting from the control. meant to cut down to the trail, but was pushed to the right by the green, and lost way too may contours, plus extra distance; also missed the control (too far to the right in the circle).
13. Tired
14. Tired
15. Tired
16. Tired
17. Tired
Not thinking clearly
18. Tired
Not thinking clearly
19. Tired
Not thinking clearly
20. Tired
Not thinking clearly
totally brain dead, like many others i suspect. cut into the woods too early, and paid the price. but was walking by this point in the race anyway
21. Tired
Not thinking clearly
F. Tired

Total Time Lost - 00:10:00

Split Analysis

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