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Race Evaluation

Georgia Navigator Cup: Day 2 Blue


1. I plan to post the route.
3. I got stuck in the darn fence, that's why so slow.
7. I went wide right, staying on the N–S road until the power line, then ran the ridgeline. I had serious doubts about the route, especially since Swisschocolate had in essence said in his notes that the trail/road was almost never faster, but splits show it worked out just fine. I think the control was half a contour too high.
11. Bad route choice
From the onset, I went too wide to the left, then hit the road and ended up on an S-curve. Which, as the textbook says, is rarely the fastest. I am curious as to which route Ted took for his blazing split; I wonder if all the way around to the right, staying high, was the fastest.
12. It took a long time to get down to the lake just after #11.
13. I ended up going less straight than I wanted to, mainly because the woods just S of the large field were junky (mapped as white).
15. Another leg on which I was not sure whether my grossly simplified route (trail all the way) was the best. It was. After the race, I saw the shorter route that included the ride on the S side of the large reentrant. I do not know if anyone took it.
16. I took a really bad fall crossing the fence just before #16, probably tripping on said fence. Larry Vidinha heard what I said, and seemed unhappy about the disturbed peace.
18. I went wide left, using as much of the trail as I could. I don't think this was particularly bad, I was just slow going downhill, afraid to trip and fall again.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:50

Split Analysis

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