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Race Evaluation

Georgia Navigator Cup: Day 2 Blue


1. Straight. didn't navigate, just ran until I saw root stocks then just started checking them.
2. Headed Southeast around reentrant then up hill to the ride. Ran the ride. Hesistant on where to actually cut down to the control.
3. straight
4. Southwest to the clearing then straight down the reentrant. I started to cut up early then corrected and ran to the correct spot.
5. straight. Control was hung lower then expected.
6. straight. Could see the control from a long way away.
7. +00:45North to the trail through the field. I cut caught in the thorns and ended up dragging a six foot chunk through the field. I couldn't get it off. Ran all the way to the road junction which was way to far to run.
8. Got confused leaving the control and started heading back towards #6. Up to little field by the green.
9. +00:20Headed down the hill and before I knew it I was at the road by the picnic tables. Didn't realize the circles were picnic tables. Down road and cut in to soon.
11. More of less straightish.
12. Around left side of lake. Didn't see earthbank on the map or the green by the lake. Ran up the spur but should have taken the ridde.
13. Up to the field, around the forest jut and straigh to the control.
15. trail around.
16. straight. did not take the trail.
18. NorthWest to the ride. Down ride and then straight.
F. Ran hard

Total Time Lost - 00:01:05

Split Analysis

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