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Race Evaluation

2012 North American Orienteering Championships: Middle - GreenX


1. +00:50Trail to left, neve saw the 2 "boulders". In from the trail bend, I think. Not precise, wandered too low, saw trail, looped uphill and saw control.
2. +00:10Crashed down to trail. Not sure where I was on it, so cut in too soon. adjusted off marsh
4. Slightly left of the line. Not very fast through the pines, but able to track progress from rock features.
5. +00:10Right of the line through the reentrant. Terrian all fit with mental picture - just a bit to the right/uphill.
6. Nice leg, everything fit.
7. +00:50Stayed high, but no pace count and wasn't reading the terrain very well. Stopped short, a few folks seemed to be searching, so I thought I should too. Might have been faster to come around low, trusting that I could look up and see the control, or at least an elephant path to it.
8. Crashing in the general direction, Hard to tell in the thicker stuff if I'd been over 2 or 3 spurs
10. Went left of the line, staying in the open forest. remembered to curve around to the right. Hard to read the veg boundaries - a lot going on.
12. +01:30Dropped down the rock faces on the line, then curved right through the saddle - wanted to stay higher in the reentrant. Headed up, right past the root stocks and on the right line, then convinced myself I was one reentrant over to the east, so headed right with another runner on another course. Into the blueberry bushes, kicked myself, then left over the spur, down and in.
13. +00:15Just right of the line, rather than a faster route further right staying in the open wood, or to the left through the less thick stuff. Along the stone wall, read the terrain and in.
14. Fairly clean
15. Saw pieces of the indistinct trail, then rock features. Almost dropped down to lower rentrant, but read terrain and turned right and saw it.
16. Compass and push through on the line.
17. Up the hill - I know where this one is.
F. Not a lot of high end speed.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:45

Split Analysis

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