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Race Evaluation

Macedonia Brook SP: Red


1. After a clean hour on Surebridge yesterday, I'd hoped I'd got back the US-orienteering mindset.
4. What a brute! Went straight up the spur - didn't see trail route.
5. +02:00Good and stuck in the laurel coming out of 4.
6. +10:00Got a bit left - saw hill covered in laurel and started hunting . Eventually bailed out to pond to relocate - still didn't make much sense but eventually found the line of cliffs below the flag.
7. +11:00Round by the pond to a large stream. Now unsure whether stream is unmapped or "pond" is actually the marsh. come around some green which fits with latter theory, cut up towards control but nothing fits. Bail out to trail and spot #8. compass and pace from there, checking off knolls - seems OK but then stops making sense. Misrelocate on platform with thicket (unmapped?) and miss again. Bail out to #8 - repeat previous exercise. Mill around a bit then see someone punching.
8. Knew where this one was already!
F. Getting a bit better at remembering the watch, but still clueless in thick terrain.

Total Time Lost - 00:23:00

Split Analysis

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